Food & Product filming masterclass

Filmmaker cinematographer Gena Razbegaev online masterclass

About me
I have been in the film industry for more than 10 years. Working on cinema movies and TV shows in big crews, I gained a lot of experience in film production. I managed to transform and apply all the experience gained in my own small production. Being an independent cinematographer, I approach each project creatively, improving the results.

The last two years I have found myself in product and food filming. It was a revelation to me that you can shoot self-contained, creative commercial advertisements on two square meters.

Today I am ready to share with you my knowledge and many years of experience in video production. I created online masterclasses for you, that will help you create your own unique videos in a new professional level.

Watch showreel
Introduction in food & product filming
45 mins of practical knowledge
Lighting the scene
Difference between the light sources. Lighting setups for different tasks with specific examples.

Choosing camera and lenses depending on the shooting style. The choice of filming equipment and care for it.
Camera and equipment
Creating the right editing sequence in DaVinci Resolve to expose the script. Selection of music, soundFX and foiling.

Masterclass program
Food Stylist / Props Master
Working with Food Stylist / Props Master in one team. Selection of props for a new project.

Go beyond to show the product from different sides, using motion control. Building your own DIY motion control.

DIY motion control